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Improve your performance with our catalog of games that will help you improve specific skills and keep you motivated to achieve your goal. Enjoy in Brain Trainer hundreds of exclusive and quality games with the transparency and security of a single payment. Access your account through any device and enjoy content and games. Revised and updated content.

How to train your brain?

Select the skills you want to improve.

Practice and improve your skills. Train with the games you choose.

Test yourself daily. Perform routines adapted to your level.

Enhance your skills

We will test your skills and help you train your brain in just a few minutes, offering you a new routine every day to challenge your mind.

Our training sessions adapt to your level regardless of your age or skill level, more than 25 games to improve your mind


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Games designed to improve

The basis of our exercises is to train your cognitive skills using easy-to-learn mechanics that keep you motivated to train every day.

Below you can see some of the games you will be able to enjoy on our portal. If you want to access all of them, click here.

Questions about Brain Trainer

How much does it cost to access Brain Trainer?

Brain Trainer offers a one-time payment service with options for weekly or monthly access. It is not a subscription, so you only need to pay once for the period you choose.

What payment methods are available for Brain Trainer?

To access Brain Trainer, we exclusively accept payments by credit card. At the time of purchase, you will need to provide your credit card details to make the one-time payment, whether for weekly or monthly access. No automatic renewals will be made. If you have questions about the payment process or need help during it, our support team is available to assist you.

How can I contact technical support if I have problems with Brain Trainer?

You can go to our contact section and send us an email at the support address listed there. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Choose your access plan

Find the perfect rhythm for your mental training

Weekly Access

Enjoy one week of unlimited access to all Brain Trainer games with a one-time payment. This option is perfect for those looking to engage in brain training for a short period or to experience what our platform has to offer without ongoing commitments.


Monthly Access

50% discount

Opt for a full month of unlimited access to our comprehensive collection of brain training games with a single payment. Ideal for those who wish to dedicate more time to enhance their cognitive skills and prefer a longer period of uninterrupted access. This plan offers a significant cost advantage, providing more value than the weekly access.


Both options provide full access to all games and features during the access period, without any automatic renewals or additional commitments. Choose the plan that best fits your needs and start your cognitive enhancement journey today!