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We have divided the 5 great cognitive skills into:


It is the ability that allows us to perform mathematical operations without the help of a calculator or any other support material such as a pencil.

Represents one of the "tedious" chairs for most people, so more interactive learning methods have been implemented that help foster the application of this function.


It is the ability we have to express thoughts and feelings through words.

It is the tool we use to communicate and to organize and transmit the information we have about ourselves and the world. Language and thought develop in parallel and are intimately related, influencing each other.

Language is a higher function that develops the processes of symbolization related to coding and decoding.

The production of language involves the materialization of signs (sonic or written) that symbolize objects, ideas, etc., according to a convention own to a linguistic community.


It is the ability that allows us to solve problems, draw conclusions, and consciously learn from the facts, establishing the necessary causal and logical connections between them.


It is the ability to actively capture, process, and make sense of the information that reaches our senses. That is, perception is the cognitive process that allows us to interpret our environment through the stimuli we capture through our sensory organs.

This cognitive ability is of great importance, as we use it daily. We can improve perception through cognitive training. This is because perception is an active process.


It is the brain's ability to retain information and retrieve it voluntarily. That is, memory is what allows us to remember facts, ideas, sensations, relationships between concepts, and all kinds of stimuli that occurred in the past.

Although the hippocampus is the brain structure most related to memory, we cannot locate memories in a specific point of the brain, but a large number of brain areas are involved.

Moreover, this ability is one of the cognitive functions most commonly affected by age. Fortunately, memory can be trained through cognitive stimulation and various types of mental games.

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